Import OVFs

In this stage, you import the OVF templates for each Cybereason server and deploy them as virtual machines (VM). These template files are listed in the Download OVF templates and verify checksum section.

To import the OVF templates:

  1. Connect via the vSphere client, and then select File > Deploy OVF Template.

    Deploy OVF template

  2. Follow the instructions on the vSphere Deploy OVF Template wizard to deploy the OVF and create the VM (for detailed instructions, see the vSphere documentation).

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each OVF template listed in the Deployment Prerequisites section.

  4. If you are planning on using the rollout script: Select the deployed VMs from the left menu, right click, and select Convert to Template. You will use these templates when you run the scripts in the next step.

  5. For manual rollout: Proceed to edit the hardware of the VMs to match the provided sizing.


A hard disk must be added for the Detection server only.

To add a second disk (the disk size is based on the provided sizing) right-click the VM, then select Edit settings > Add new Device > Hard Disk.

  1. Continue to Configure the VM IP addresses.