Download and Personalize a Sensor Package

This topic describes how to configure and deploy a new sensor package in a Cybereason On-Prem environment.

Download a sensor package

First, download a default sensor package. To receive a default Cybereason sensor package, contact your Customer Success Manager.

The sensor package contains the following files:

  • ActiveProbe_23_1_xxx_0.pkg

  • CybereasonActiveProbe32_23_1_xxx_xxx_sensor.msi

  • CybereasonActiveProbe64_23_1_xxx_xxx_sensor.msi





  • CybereasonSensor32_23_1_xxx_xxx.exe

  • CybereasonSensor64_23_1_xxx_xxx.exe

Configure and distribute the package

To configure and distribute the new package, upload the sensor package to the Registration server and run a personalization script to configure the sensor to the relevant environment.

  1. Connect via SSH to the Registration server.

  2. Switch to Root user:

    # sudo su -

  3. Create a new directory under /tmp/default_sensor_<version> and open permissions:

    # mkdir /tmp/default_sensor_<version> # chmod 777 /tmp/default_sensor_<version>

  4. Using WinSCP (or any other copying method), copy the relevant files to the directory created in the previous step.

  5. Copy the files from /tmp/default_sensor_<version> to /opt/puppet-cybereason/activeprobe/packages/versions/:

    # cp /tmp/default_sensor_<sensor_version> /opt/puppet-cybereason/activeprobe/packages/versions/

  6. Run the Personalization script:

    # /opt/puppet-cybereason/ -p

    The script should run without error. If an error occurs, save the output and Open a Support case.

    Personalization script

    The personalized package will be created in the following folder:


  7. Broadcast the new packages to the Detection servers. This will make the newest sensor package available for download in the UI:

    # broadcast


  8. On the Detection Server, go to /opt/cybereason/installation-packages/versions/ and verify the new packages were created (verify the creation date):

    # /opt/cybereason/installation-packages/versions/

  9. Open the Cybereason UI via a web browser.

  10. Navigate to the System > Overview screen, and click the Download Cybereason Installers button. The Cybereason installers pane will open:

    Sensor installer pane

    Verify that the new sensor package is available.

Update sensor package on endpoints

To update the sensor package on the endpoints, there are 3 options:

Update via the Cybereason UI

  1. Navigate to the System > Sensors screen.

  2. Select one or more sensors, and click Action > Update.

    Update sensor

Update via SCCM/GPO

To update via SCCM/GPO, see Sensor Installation Parameters.

Manually install the sensor package

To manually install the sensor package:

  1. Download the sensor package to the endpoint.

  2. Run the installation file.

The sensor package is now updated in the UI and available for download and distribution.