Installation Overview

This section describes the steps for installing and deploying Cybereason On-Prem in production and POC environments. The section is intended for deployment engineers or other personnel in charge of Cybereason On-Prem (on-premises) deployments.

To install and deploy Cybereason On-Prem:

  1. Verify that the organization satisfies the appropriate resource requirements:

  2. Verify that the organization meets the Deployment Prerequisites.

  3. Import the OVF templates to create the Cybereason server VMs.

  4. Configure the VM IP addresses

  5. Configure Servers

  6. If your environment is not air-gapped, contact your Customer Success Manager to configure access to the Global Threat Intel server.

  7. If your environment is air-gapped, Configure and Populate the Local Threat Intelligence Server.

  8. Complete Sanity Checks

  9. Download and Personalize a Sensor Package (optional)

  10. Deploy sensors on the organization’s endpoints, manage the platform, and start using Cybereason.


The last step refers to tasks that are performed for both on-premise and cloud-based environments.