How to Configure NTP for On-Prem

  1. Login to the Configuration Management Server via https://CFG-MGMT-URL.

  2. Go to Maintenance.

  3. Click NTP Configuration.

  4. Enter your desired NTP Server FQDN.

    • To add more than one server, click Add Server at the bottom (maximum 6 servers).

    • To remove servers from the configuration, click Delete.

  5. Click the toggle button next to Service Disabled to enable the service.

    Configure NTP

  6. Click Confirm.

    The configuration will run with the progress bar, wait for ‘Done’ output.

    NTP Done

  7. To exit, Click Return to main page.

  8. To verify the configuration, login to all CR Servers and run the following command:



It can take a few minutes for the NTP settings to synchronize. Please give it some time before confirming configuration.

Expected output:

NTP Output